Cut-Out Animation Workshop

Cut-out workshop by Thomas Stellmach

Cut-Out Animation Workshop

Cut-out workshop by Thomas Stellmach

Cut-Out Animation Workshop

A classic animated film production

In an approx. eight to ten-hour animation film workshop, 15-20 talented and creative participants work together as a team to produce a cut-out animation film.


Depending on skills and interest, participants are organised into small groups. Each group works on specific field of production, such as directing, designing the film images, animation, image capture, film editing and sound and music design.

Result of a four day workshop at the

Hanau Youth Educational Institute.

Preparations for the workshop

It would be ideal, if individual participants or groups develop ideas for a film a few days before the workshop. I can review their scripts, sketches or storyboards beforehand.


At the beginning of the cut-out animation workshop, all ideas are discussed together on a storyboard. The best idea will be selected and produced.

Result of a five day workshop for the

federal prize winners of youth creativ

Teamwork with division of labour

It would be best if the creators of the chosen idea were also the directors of the film. They give instructions to individual groups, e.g. to the designers on how to draw a scenery or to the animators on how to move the cut-out figures frame by frame.


I accompany the production team as a supervisor and provide advice to each participant.



Read a report about such a cut-out animation workshop at the Ludwigsgymnasium (Ludwig Grammar School) in Straubing.

Photos from the work process

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