Events calendar

Upcoming events

22 June 2024: Excerpt of the Trickfilm-Show and film screening at the district conference of the Hessian Rotary Clubs in Baunatal, Germany

24 and 25 July 2024: Zoetrope workshop | from picture to film Summer Holiday Program at the GRIMM World in Kassel, Germany

15 August 2024: Zoetrope workshop as part of the Caricatura Summer Academy for Comic Art in Kassel, Germany

26 September 2024: Excerpt of the Trickfilm-Show, Economic Council Hessian, Kassel, Germany

3 – 6 October 2024: Zoetrope workshop Kassel, Module 1-4, in Kassel, Germany

6 October 2024, 3 – 4:30 pm.: Around the Zoetrope, presentation and information event at the Offenen Kanal in Kassel, Germany

Past events

Animation Workshops

4 May 2024: Zoetrope workshop and film screening at the film forum in Duisburg, Germany

17 April 2024: Zoetrope workshop and Trickfilm-Show in Dresden, Germany

9 – 12 January 2024: Zoetrope workshop, Module 1-4 at the public-access television in Kassel, Germany
12 January 2024: public presentation of the results of the Zoetrope workshop at the public-access television, Kulturbahnhof, in Kassel, Germany. Read a report.

16 September 2023: Zoetrope workshop for the company Medland (Taunusstein) at the Neue Denkerei in Kassel, Germany

17 July 2023: Zoetrope workshop at the ‘New Grammar School Ruesselsheim’, Germany

11 March 2023: Zoetrope workshop at the Kassel City Museum, Germany, read a report.

29 October 2022: Zoetrope workshop and film presentation at the ‘Gymnasium An der Stenner’ Iserlohn, Germany. Read a report.

6 July 2022: Cut-out animation film workshop at the Ludwigsgymnasium in Straubing, Germany, read a report.

Trickfilm shows and film screening

27 April 2024: Film screening at the University / Cinematic Arts School in Jhedda/ Goethe Institut Riad, Saudi Arabia

24 April 2024: Excerpt of the Trickfilm-Show at the ‘Showreel’ film festival in Jhedda / Goethe Institut Riad, Saudi Arabia

2, 3 and 8 January 2024: Trickfilm-Show I, II, III. Get more details.

22 June 2023: Trickfilm-Show at the Caligari cinema in Wiesbaden, Germany. Get more details.

21, 28 and 30 November 2022: Trickfilm-Show I, II and III at the Theaterstuebchen in Kassel, Germany. Read a report.

4 October 2022: Trickfilm-Show in Hann. Muenden, Germany, read a report.

10 July 2022: Trickfilm-Show in Straubing, Germany, read a report.

5 July 2022: excerpts of my Trickfilm-Show at the Citydom cinema in Straubing, Germany.


21 November 2022 to 3 September 2023: Exhibition KASSEL FILMREIF! at the municipal museum Kassel.