An effective final presentation of a Zoetrope workshop ...

The Spinning Animation Show is like an exhibition and live performance. In this show, the participants of a Zoetrope workshop themselves present their effectively designed cyclical animations on various optical, partly historical, image viewing devices in front of an audience and to a cinematic soundtrack.


The show is the final presentation of a minimum four day Zoetrope workshop. The participants can be young talented youngsters, trainees or professionals, who develop animation on paper stripes, paper discs, record discs or transparent plexiglass. They can present their results themselves in an audio-visual Show on several optical devices like Zoetropes, Praxinoscopes or projection devices.


The duration depends on the number of produced animations. The show can portray a theme, a place or a story.

Zoetrope workshop with puppeteers at the Theatre of the Night in Northeim, held by Thomas Stellmach. A Zoetrope presents a loop animation.

... created by pupils.

In a Zoetrope workshop, participants produce instantly viewable animation clips that focus on a very short action of less than a second.


The following film is about a Zoetrope workshop which was held for the German winners of the 2016 international youth creativ competition.

This making-of film was realized by Simone Klar. The film is in German language.

... created by trainees.

I was commissioned by the mayor of the city of Straubing to hold a Zoetrope workshop at the Technical and Vocational College Straubing (FOSBOS/department of design) for the celebration “800 Years of Neustadt Straubing”. The goal of the workshop was to create a Spinning-Animation-Show about the history of my home city Straubing with the help of four teachers and 30 young creative trainees.

Finally, 81 humorously and succinctly animation loops of historical events were produced in two months.

Animation stripes and discs


I was at the school four times for several days during that time for teaching and preparations. In the meantime, I composed music from prefabricated loops and developed a sound design with reference to the animation.

Zoetrope workshop at the FOSBOS Straubing, Germany

The results were presented by the participants on eight optical devices in a fascinating 40-minute Spinning-Animation-Show entitled The Spinning History.

Photos of the show The-Spinning-History

Report by Niederbayern TV

Report by the Bavarian Broadcast TV

Preparing the show

… created by professionals.

In 2018 I held a Zoetrope workshop in Northeim for the German association of puppeteers and puppet theatres UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionette). The topic of the show was Plankton.


We developed a Spinning-Animation-Show which presented an underwater world. In five days, eleven professional puppeteers created 35 animations, some drawn on paper strips, but also as three-dimensional objects on disks. The 25-minutes show was performed on six devices companied with live music played with a hang.

Photos of the show Plankton

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