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The Spinning Animation Workshop

Result of the youth creativ Prize Winner Academy 2015.

Making-of film of the youth creativ Prize Winner Academy 2015.

‘Spinning Animation’ enables immediate viewing of animations without a computer.


This workshop mixes object animation, cartoon and cut-out animation. The participants create several one-second animations of repetitive movements on paper strips, paper disks or transparent Plexiglas. Finally, they present their animation to the audience on historical optical devices, e. g. on a Zoetrope, that can display drawings or objects in motion. It is possible to use other optical devices, e. g. a Praxinoscope, a projection device, strobe light or UV light.

The results can be presented as an audio-visual performance, named The Spinning Animation Show.

Cut-Out and Cartoon Animation Workshop

Result of the youth creativ Prize Winner Academy 2011.

Result of the workshop at the Hanau Youth Educational Institute.

One of the fastest processes to dive into animation film making is the cut-out technique.


In this workshop the participants develop a script or storyboard, draw a scenery with objects, figures and backgrounds on paper and cuts them out for animation. They plan their animation and photograph it frame by frame with a digital camera.


They animate in even more detail using cartoon technique, either with pencil on paper using a light box or digitally on a graphics tablet. Special software enables checking the animation.

Stop Motion Workshop

BEE FLOWER by HFF Munich 2007, Germany

ACAPELLA by Kassel College of Art 2009, Germany

Stop-motion is a highly fascinating but also demanding animation technique.


The participants develop a script and storyboard, plan and create a film set for stop motion and build three-dimensional objects and puppets. Frame by frame they take pictures of their animation with a photo camera and checks it with the computer. If time permits, they edit their animations with sound and music into a film.

Pixilation Workshop

Result of the youth creativ Prize Winner Academy 2018.

Making-of film of the ‘youth creativ’ Prize Winner Academy 2018.

Pixilation is an animation technique in which real actors are shot simultaneously with cut-out and object animation.


The participants develop a script or storyboard together and produce a pixilation film. Similar to a normal film production, various tasks such as director, cameraman, lighting technician, animator or actor are divided among the participants. The most challenging task is that of the actor, who animates himself frame by frame in stop motion and interacts with animated objects around him.

Paint-on-Glass Animation Workshop

Result of the youth creativ Prize Winner Academy 2014.

Making-of film of the ‘youth creativ’ Prize Winner Academy 2014.

The successive change of a painted image tells a story in bright colours.


The participants draw or paint on a glass plate with a non-drying paint and experiment e. g. with wipe-, morph- or blend-effects.


BVR - Federal Association of the German Volks- u. Raiffeisenbanken, Germany

On behalf of the BVR, I have been running annual one-week animation workshops in various animation techniques for German prize-winners of the European youth creativ competition since 2006.

The workshop results were presented as part of a final presentation either as a film or as a performance like The Spinning Animation Show.


Each workshop referred to the specific motto of the summer academy, such as ‘Imagine’, ‘Balance’, ‘Bridges’, ‘Flow’ or ‘Oikos’.


participants and group size: 6 – 12 pupils aged 12 – 19 years)
duration: 6 days, with final presentation
animation technique: cartoon, cut-out, stop motion, pixilation, spinning animation, paint-on-glass and experimental
workshop place: International Educational Institute Scheersberg, Germany
staff: 1 pedagogic assistant

Goethe Institute Amman, Royal Film Commission Jordan (RFC)

A stop motion workshop commissioned by the Goethe-Institut in Amman in cooperation with the Royal Film Commission Jordan (RFC).

Participants built figures out of wire and gained experience in stop motion animation and recording techniques.


language: English
participants and group size: 12 participants, trainees and professionals
duration: 3 days
animation technique: stop motion with puppets made from wire and plasticine
workshop place: Royal Film Commission Jordan (RFC)
staff: 1 assistant

City of Straubing, FOSBOS Straubing, Germany

A ‘spinning animation’ workshop, held at the State Technical Secondary School and Vocational Secondary School FOSBOS Straubing ended with an audiovisual Spinning Animation Show entitled ‘The Spinning History’.


The workshop and the show were commissioned by the city of Straubing on the occasion of celebrating “800 years of Neustadt Straubing”.


The participants developed 80 animation loops, each with 15 phases on paper strips or discs, on vinyl records or on transparent Plexiglas. The results were presented in an elaborately designed audiovisual show with eight optical devices, e. g. Zoetropes, Praxinoscopes, some with strobe or UV light.


participants and group size: 30 young creative trainees
duration: 6 months with 4 workshops at the school and continuous remote support of the ongoing project from Kassel
animation technique: spinning animation loops with 2D (drawing, painting, foto-collage) and 3D materials (Plasticine, folded paper, grains, cotton wool, strings, etc.)
workshop place: Technical College for Design FOSBOS Straubing, design craft department
staff: cooperation with the regular teachers for design at FOSBOS


Watch a making-of by FOSBOS Straubing (German) or read the articles History of a City in Animation (German) or When the Pictures learn to go (German).

Robert Bosch Stiftung, Berlin, and German Film Institute, Frankfurt, Germany

With the drawing artist and co-director of VIRTUOS VIRTUELL, Maja Oschmann, I held a one-day workshop on the topic of music visualisation.


Under the direction of Maja, the participants drew with charcoal and black ink on paper. They visualized their emotions to the music they were listening to.


In the second half of the day, I took over the workshop. The participants drew, modelled or collaged animation cycles on strips of paper. Accompanied by a participant’s live interpretation of the animations on violin, the other attendees viewed their results on a Zoetrope. Finally, they did a short 2D-animation on a chalkboard.



participants and group size: 20 educationists of museums, theatres and art galleries
duration: 1 day
animation technique: painting on paper to music, animation on paper stripes and on a chalkboard
workshop place: Kinder-Künste-Zentrum, Berlin


Grammar School An der Stenner, Iserlohn

Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg

Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Hanau Youth Educational Institute

State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe

Kassel College of Art

Ludwigsgymnasium Straubing (Read my experience report on this.)

University of Television and Film Munich

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