Interested in an exhibition?

During the production of my animated films, many sketches, props, working materials and photos were created, which give an insight into the production processes. For exhibitions of some of my films, I have already reprocessed material from the production for presentations. I would be happy to provide you with materials or contribute to the conception of an exhibition.


A next exhibition is planned at the German Institute for Animation Film e. V. in Dresden.


Making of – exhibition at the German Film Museum in Frankfurt

16 December 2014 – 22 February 2015, Germany


‘NET- About Spinning in Art’ – group exhibition at Art Gallery of Kiel

28 July – 16 November 2014, Germany

Retrospect online.


Making of VIRTUOS VIRTUELL – Exhibition at the Spohr Museum Kassel

19 – 21 August 2011, Germany



Read our visitors’ feedback on our making-of exhibition of VIRTUOS VIRTUELL at the Spohr Museum 2012:


– Fantastic idea! Dance on the music in a painting. I’m really attracted to this. I’m really into the art!


– The most fascinating animation we have ever seen! Together with the music = goosebumps!


– How beautiful, how moving, how enchanting! I am impressed and touched. Thank you very much!

Exhibitions to QUEST

Making-of  exhibition at the German Film Museum in Frankfurt

September 2005, Germany


Making-of exhibition at the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS)

April 1998, Germany


ANIMATION FILM FROM GERMANY – group exhibition of the ifa (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations)

26 Juni – 16 August 1998, Stuttgart, Germany
International touring exhibitions e. g. in Berlin and Tokio

If you have any questions or consider booking me, please contact me: