infotainment event around the Zoetrope by Thomas Stellmach

Around the Zoetrope

Get to know the Zoetrope

On 6 October 2024, I will be offering the informative and entertaining event ‘Around the Zoetrope’ at the Media Project Centre – Offener Kanal Kassel from 3 to 4:30 pm. Admission is free.

By way of introduction, I will explain the historical significance of the zoetrope in the invention of film and demonstrate how this optical device works.

In a mini-spinning animation show, we present the results of the Zoetrope workshop Kassel, Okt24, which will take place from 3 to 6 October 2024. Look forward to impressive loop animations that will be brought to life on various Zoetropes and other optical devices. The animations will be accompanied by specially composed music, which will be assembled using a special app and perfectly round off the visual experience.

We use examples to show the wide range of design options with which the animations can be realised.

With the mini-spinning animation show, I want to show that complex, serious topics, such as habits, sustainability, labour or children’s rights, can be presented to the public in an interesting and playful way.

I am presenting my educational project ‘History of the Earth’, which I would like to realise with the help of zoetropes and perform in public with a spinning animation show. I am looking for partners for the realisation of the project.

In a Zoetrop taster workshop, visitors can try their hand at making a short animated film.

Finally, I will be showing my latest animated short film The Sausage Run, which tells the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood with zoetropes.

Watch a report by the Hessian Broadcast TV.

Zoetrope workshop in Kassel

If you would like to take part in the presentation, you can register for the upcoming Zoetrope workshop from 3 to 6 October 2024 in Kassel. There we will create animations that can be presented at the mini-spinning animation show.

Results of the Zoetrope workshop, produced by adults, on January 2024 in Kassel

Commercial spot of the upcoming Zoetrope workshop in Kassel, Germany.

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Poster Zoetrope workshop

Poster Zoetrope workshop with Thomas Stellmach on 3-6 October 2024 in Kassel