Grand Prix

29th May 2022

The Sausage Run got the GRAND PRIX at the GOLDEN KUKER – Sofia, International Animation Film Fest on 29th May 2022. Unfortunately I was not in Sofia. So I had to thank the festival and the jury with this video.

THE SAUSAGE RUN absolutely deserves the award (and many more!). It was a very easy decision for all members of the jury, we love the film. It’s fresh, smart and connects with the soul of the origin of animation art.

Juan Pablo Zaramella

See the list of winners.

If you like to know about the meaning of KUKER and the award’s design go to Wikipedia.

Best storyteller

7th May 2022

The Sausage Run received an Award for Best Storyteller at the Mediawave International Film Festival 2022.

 See the list of winners.

Second Prize

30th March 2022

The Sausage Run received the 2nd Award in the Short Competition of Athens Animfest 2022.

See the list of winners.

Best Humorous Film

29th March 2022

I’m very happy that The Sausage Run received the prize for best humorous film at the international Online-T-Short film festival (Karlsruhe).

See the list of winners.

 Jury’s Choice Award

11th November 2021

The Sausage Run received the Jury’s Choice Award at the Thomas Edison Film Festival, Hoboken, USA and will take part at the 41st Annual Touring Season – 2022. It is the festival’s prestigious award for extraordinary films that have pushed boundaries, told important stories, and raised the bar for film as an art form.

Certificate: ‘especially commendable’

3th August 2022

I am very proud to announce that the German Film Quality Assessment Board (FBW) has awarded The Sausage Run with the certificate: ‘especially commendable’.

See the jury statement in German.