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I present my international film award winning, artistic animated films as infotainment and give an exciting and entertaining insight into the production processes of the films.


I talk about my inspiration, important stages in my film career and reveal my next plans.


In a relaxed atmosphere I chat about funny and exciting stories around the productions, e.g. about the Academy Awards® in Hollywood in 1997.


Using facts and figures, I give a deeper insight into animated filmmaking and go into the difficulties and hurdles that were involved in making these films.


Depending on length (0:30, 0:60, 2:00, 3:30, 3x 1:30 hrs.), the programs include time for discussion with the audience, interviews with individual production members, making-of films, photos and props.


The films are without dialogue. Depending on the duration of the program and the venue, there are breaks during which food and drinks can be served.


Here are the next event dates.

Watch excerpts of the film program

Watch excerpts of the film program

Lectures with a thematic focal point

Depending on the client’s wishes, I will show one or several of my films on site or via streaming. I give explanations taking into account the focussed themes, and hold a question-and-answer session with the participants.


For example, I talk about the messages of my films, about the motives for the production, about the production methods or animation techniques, about the composition and working methods of the production team and about the marketing and distribution of the film after completion.



Here are films and keywords for topics.


VIRTUOSO VIRTUAL – music perception, experimental animation, music visualisation, finding unusual solutions in terms of content and in the implementation of the film, thinking white and black instead of black and white …


CHICKEN KIEV – abandoned children, street children, ethics, addiction, stinginess, uncaring parents, subsistence activity …


QUEST – loneliness, needs and wishes, search for meaning, missing the present by looking ahead, loop paths to knowledge, philosophy, dealing with pain …


UNKRAUT (weeds) – environment, endangered nature, what we call “weed” might be a matter of opinion …


THE SPINNING ANIMATION SHOW – triggering creativity, old technology for new ideas, sharing knowledge: working with young people, creative collaboration …

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