Thomas Stellmach

director and producer of animated short films

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Events calendar

Here are the current dates for my events.

A Spinning Animation Workshop with Zoetrope

On Saturday, 29 October 2022, I held a spinning animation workshop and a presentation of my animation films in a grammar school in one day.

Animation Workshop and Film Screenings

On 5 July 2022, I held an animated film workshop and presented my films at an internal school screening and a public screening at the cinema.

Thomas Stellmach Hall

The former film room at my old grammar school Ludwigsgymnasium has been given the name Thomas Stellmach Hall.

Awards for ‘THE SAUSAGE RUN’

Here I keep track of the awards for my animated short film THE SAUSAGE RUN.

Online shop: film ‘THE SAUSAGE RUN’

My new animated film THE SAUSAGE RUN is now available in my online shop on DVD, Blu-Ray or as download.