From Straubing via Kassel to Hollywood

Born in 1965 in Straubing, I was already engaged in handicrafts and painting at a young age and received federal awards by participating in painting competitions.


In 1982 I discovered animation filmmaking. By the time I began studying animation with Professor Paul Driessen at the Kassel College of Art in 1988, I had already produced nine films on Super-8 and one on 16mm. These films received numerous awards at international, non-professional film festivals.


During my studies I made six other films. The stop-motion film QUEST, produced together with Tyron Montgomery in 1996, received the OSCAR® in Hollywood in 1997 for the best animated short film of the previous year.


Having received my artistic university degree in 1999 I founded the animation studio “Lichthof, Film & Animation” in Kassel with two partners and produced animated films for advertising agencies, television and music labels.


Since 2009 I have been increasingly involved with my own artistic animation film projects.


I have been teaching animation workshops for adults and young people since 1996, presenting my short films in my Trickfilm-Show, initiating The Spinning Animation Show with Zoetropes or creating exhibitions for my productions.


Through the production of animated films with different technical implementations, my range of experience includes cartoon animation, stop-motion, pixilation, experimental ink animation and 3D-computer animation.


I live and work in Kassel.


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