Production Photos

THOMAS STELLMACH (director) animated the four and a half minute film in nine months.

Weeds was produced in the old fashion with cels and paint. Above Stellmach tested the design, to choose the right colours.

Pencil drawing and final on cel.

Thomas experimented with multiplane layers (Disney), that enabled him to unfocus various parts of the drawn image and gained more visual depth. See film clip.

A circuiting m
eadow model was shot in stop motion for rotoscoping. See film clip.

A grid pattern was shot for rotoscoping as well.

After tracing the pencil drawings onto cels with black ink Stellmach used customary dispersion paint with acryl to colour the cels from behind - here some culms with various green paint.

With the help of his sister Monika, his grandma and additional assistants Stellmach painted the 4500 cels in nine months.

He developed movable multiplane layers for the animation camera ...

... and mounted them on the animation table. ...

Because of the dust sentivity of the cels he took four weeks to shot the animation on 16mm film.

S. tilt the camera and the cels (glass plate) 80 degrees to enable a perspective view of the ground, which was movable to the camera.