Production Photos
photographed by Tyron Montgomery

Set Construction

Tyron prepares the sand world.

Thomas uses airbrush to paint the background of the paper world.

Thomas carves the stones from polystyrene.

Tyron, Said Arefi und Monika Stellmach paints the stones made by polystyrene.

Background of the stone world.

Tyron fixes the hand made stones.

Monika colours the wooden plates with different layers.

Tyron brights the horizon with paint.

Tyron prepares the set for a shot.

Uncoloured wooden crane.

Underground iron world, Set 1.

Set 2: Iron factory made by wood.

Model Making

Norbert Hobrecht with plastermold and skeleton of the character.

Thomas uses latex milk to prepare the surface of the character, made be foam.

Checking the face armatures.


The sand puppet bogs down the sinkhole.

Thomas and Said prepares the paper with aluminium foil for animation.

Several tracks for the flying paper sheet animation.

Thomas controls the height of the flying paper sheets with invisible wolfram wires.

The sand puppet falls into the hole. Left: Camera with single frame motor developed by Norbert Hobrecht.

Tyron at the camera; Monika, Norbert, Thomas are animating.

Face animation.

Thomas drilles holes to fix the puppet with screws.

Animation of the welder machine and the light.

The sand puppet (hanging on nylon threads) jumps in the iron hole. In the back: The Video control, to check the animation.

The character enters the underground ...

... and looks around.

The sand puppet tries to escape from the iron press. This set was tilt 90 degrees to get a camera movement and a high-angle shot.

Animation tripot on tracks for a vertigo-camera-effect invented by Hitchcock. While moving the camera frame by frame 9 gear axles were separately animated to actuate the wheel maschine on the wall.

Visual Effects

Thomas animated sparks and paints the masks.

Construction of the light box over the top of the camera. By using the animated spark masks with the light box the puppet animation will be exposured together with the sparks at the same time through a glass sheet (=glass shot).

Tyron changes the sparks masks on the light box, while Thomas animates the character.

Thomas animates the running puppet hanging on nylon threads.

Sound Design

Der Spyra composes the atmospheric music.

Tyron edits the sound recordings. Right: The
35mm editing table synchronised with the computer.