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                   Short Film

        2013: Virtuoso Virtual, experimental film, 7:22 min,
                   director, film idea, storyline, compositing: Thomas
                   director, drawer, animation: Maja Oschmann

           Commercial Films
                   Direction, Animation, Production: Lichthof - Film & Animation

        2003- HubbaBubba-Commercial, cartoon animation, computer
        2007:  animation
                   client: Wrigley, agency: BBDO-Düsseldorf

        2006: LBS-Commercial, computer animation
                   client: LBS, agency: BBDO Berlin

        2004: PayTV-Premiere-Commercial, puppet animation
                   client: PayTV-Premiere, agency: Goldammer

        2002: TV-inbetweener for LOGO, cartoon animation
                   client: ZDF-Television/Kika, editorial team: Logo

        2001: MTV-Idents, cartoon animation, computer animation
                   client: MTV-Germany

                   Short Films and Workshops
           during Study

                   cirection, animation, production: Thomas Stellmach
                   (as far as nothing else is mentioned.)

       2000:  Chicken Kiev, cartoon animation, 9 min

       1998:  Lebenshilfe-Commercial, cartoon animation, 0:30 min
                   (Idea, Director, Animation: Monika Stellmach)
                   client: Lebenshilfe e.V.

       1996:  Quest, puppet animation, 11 min
                   (director: Tyron Montgomery)

       1995: 100 Years of Cinema, cartoon animation, 3 min
                  (idea, director, animation, production: Students of the Art
                  College Kassel)
                  client: HR-Television

       1994:  Old Super Lady, cartoon animation, 0:30 min
                   client: MTV-Europe

       1994:  Small Talk, pixilation, 5 min
                   (animation: Students of the Art College Kassel)

       1994:  Filmladen-Trailer, pixilation, 2 min
                   (Animation: Students of the Art College Kassel
                   client: Filmladen Kassel

       1992:  Weeds, cartoon animation, 5 min

       1988:  Gulp, experimental / life action, 5 min
                   (idea, director, animation, production: Mark Feuerstake;    
                   actor: Thomas Stellmach)

       1988:  Tee-Hee, cartoon animation, 2 min

                  Short films before study

       1988:  White, puppet animation, 11 min

       1986:  Let me live too, clay animation, 6 min

       1986:  Rom and Jul, object animation, 14 min

       1985:  The last Leaf, clay animation, 6 min

       1985:  The large Labyrinth, clay animation, 5 min

       1985:  Racing without Winners, object animation, 12  min

       1984:  Plasticine, clay animation, 5 min

       1982:  Domino Play, object animation, 5 min