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Thomas STELLMACH (* 1965, Straubing, Germany) directed, animated and produced several independent films, that received many international awards, under which the following are the most outstanding:

The OscarĀ® 1997 granted for the puppet animation film Quest.
A medal in commemoration of Goethe, granted by the German Bundesland Hessen "for special contribution to the cultural life of Hessen".
An award granted by the German Association of Film and Tv-Producers to "A promising German newcomer in the field of animation films".

Thomas STELLMACH studied at the Department of Animation at the Art College of Kassel in Germany, being taught by the well-known artist Paul Driessen.
Having received his Degree of Arts in 1999 Stellmach founded the animation studio "Lichthof, Film & Animation" with two partners in Kassel and produced animation films for television and advertising.

In 2009 he has left his company to focus on artistic animation projects. His newest animated experimental film Virtuoso Virtual (Virtuoso Virtual) which was co-directed by Maja Oschmann and finished in 2013, is displayed on a auto-stereoskopic monitor during the permanent exhibition of the Louis Spohr Museum in Kassel.

Stellmachs fields of experience contains 3D computer animation, stop-motion, cartoon and pixilation.

So far Stellmach hold workshops at various academies, e.g.

the Film Academy Ludwigsburg
the Academy of Media Arts Cologne
the University of Television and Film Munich
the State Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe
the University of Kassel, Art College
The Royal Film Commission - Amman/Jordan
youth training institute, Hanau
International youth creative competition of the federal association of the German Volks- u. Raiffeisenbanken